Team Overview

You can invite team members by navigating to the "Team" menu and clicking on "Add New User". This will bring up the below screen where you'll need to enter their email address and choose their access level.

You can remove users by clicking on "remove access". Removing a user profile will mean that they no longer have access to your dashboard.

Any data sources connected to this profile will not be disconnected. Despite this, the user can revoke the API connection through their relevant platform login if they choose to, so we would recommend reconnecting the data source through a user profile that has access to the platform.

Data sources are connected via OAuth user consent so that user will always have control over which third-party apps (e.g. Airtomic) have access to their ad platforms. This is why we would recommend connecting data sources via company email that is unlikely to be removed from the dashboard.

You cannot delete a user profile if you are the only admin so you will need to add another admin if you would like to remove the only admin’s access.

You can change a user's access level by clicking on the pencil icon next to their current access level. Only admins can perform this task and you can't change an admin to "Standard" or "Read Only" if you can the only admin who has access to the dashboard.

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